Meek Mill Reveals Upcoming Album Name and Artwork.

Meek Mill has officially revealed that his upcoming album is named Championships.The record is due for release on Nov. 30.

Since the rapper’s release from prison earlier this year, fans have been patiently waiting for a follow up record to 2017’s Wins and Losses. In a recent interview with Vogue, Mill discussed justice system reform through changes in the probation process, improving conditions within prisons and more.

“I’ve been writing myself since I was probably, what, eight years old,” he told Vogueabout his new album, which will outline his experiences and issues with social justice.

Check out the artwork for Mill’s new album below :

The feature includes a video component that finds Vogue spending a night with Meek in the studio, where he previews his upcoming collaboration with Cardi B. The track finds Meek skating through the bombastic trap beat with ease. Elsewhere in the story, Meek speaks about his mission to free one million of people who were “unjustly caught” in the criminal justice system.

n doing this a long time, so [there’s] always pressure to be better.”

Check out the artwork for Mill’s new album below :