Juicy J Shares a Playlist of the Artists & Songs That Celebrate Defining Legacy

As part of Billboard‘s Black History Month celebration, we’ve asked Black artists spanning all genres to compile their own unique playlist exclusive to Billboard‘s Spotify account. Each song they’ve chosen represents their love for the culture across the diaspora — from childhood favorites to songs that make them feel free. Today, Juicy J shares his soundtrack.

“My Black History playlist has artists that are legends, man,” Juicy J says. “Their music is still around today and I’m following in the footsteps of all these great musicians, writers and producers. This is the kind of music that I’ve listened to my whole life and has influenced my music. What’s great about Black History Month today is that it reminds us how far we’ve come. Today, I’m noticing black culture is thriving. We see a lot more black entrepreneurs, music executives, politicians and all that — which is great.”

Juicy J recently released the cinematic video for his new single “Let Me See,” which features Kevin Gates and Lil Skies. Listen to his playlist and check out the new video below.