Getting your music on online radio is a good opportunity for existing fans to hear you in their mix of regular music, as well as new fans to find you as you get mixed into their favorite songs. Trust Exclusive Hip Hop Station. We are not an all indie station, so you are guaranteed to be played after a big song, on a station that actually has listeners and a fan base.

We provide a human connection between your music and an engaged audience. Exclusive Hip Hop Station is where hip hop music curators thrive, and where people still discover new music.


Choose your promotional package: Please select your package and complete your purchase below.

Upon completion of payment, you will be directed to a page to Submit Your Artist Information and to upload your song/EP/Album/DJ set/Mix/Intro/Advert- MP3(s).

  • 1 Recorded MP3 song/EP/Album intro (maximum 20 seconds), with some information about yourself, your song/album, where to listen/purchase your album, your website etc. The intro will be played every time before the song/EP/Album.
    ONE MONTH (minimum 3 spins a day)
    ONE MONTH (minimum 4 Shows-once a week-playing entire EP)
    ONE MONTH (minimum 4 Shows-once a week-playing entire album)
    ONE MONTH (minimum 4 Shows playing entire set or mix)